Building the Future

We thank members of the Frost Society for their vision in naming the HCC Foundation in their estate plans through a will, trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy, or life-income gift. Their thoughtfulness will enable future HCC students to succeed and allow the college to Educate. Inspire. Connect. for generations to come.


Patricia L. Bonnett ’82

Attorneys Paul D. Boudreau ’67 and Elizabeth D. Scheibel

Patrick B. Bresnahan, III ’57

Dr. Erica Broman and Christopher Millette

Joanna L. Brown

William Burgart

Thomas A.† and Marion E. Callahan

Constance A. D’Elia†

Joyce D. Desorcy ’88†

Gregory R. ’88 and Nadine A. ’85 Dubreuil

Carl ’56 and Shirley Eger

Ruth V. Elcan

Shirley L.† and John Fallon†

Attorneys John J. and Deborah Ferriter

Atty. Maurice J. ’52 and Margaret M.† Ferriter

Dean Gallagher

Thomas M. Gill, Jr.†

Richard W. and Deborah D. ’71 Golas

Ted G. ’71 and Barbara A. Hebert

Jean Hunter

Elaine B. Ironfield, PhD

James L. Izatt ’59

Byron E. Kopel†

Dr. Elaine Marieb ’80†

Ruth McIntyre†

Steven M. ’80 and Moira E. ’93 Mitus

Jan A. Nettler

Clara M. ’68 and Miguel A. Neves-Mireles

Paul D. Noreau ’93

Atty. Louis F. Oldershaw†

Gail A. Olesiak ’70

Dr. Victor† and Sue Ellen† Panitch

Kathleen M. Payne†

Victor and Mariellen Quillard

James and Deborah Reidy

Jon S. ’76 and Gretchen Roe

Heather D. Sabin ’93

Lynn M. ’14 and Heather L. Savage

Eugene M. and Marcia Sheehan

Nancy A. Spagnoli ’83

Cynthia A. Sutter ’90

Donald R. Taber†

Victor E.† and Eve Thomas

Richard P. Towne, Jr.

Janice R. Walker

Peg L. ’58 and Gary Wendlandt

Gail T. Wright ’75†

Joseph T.† and Angela ’54 Wright

The following scholarships were established during the 2022-2023 fiscal year.


Mark Giannini ’19 Good Character Scholarship

This annual culinary arts scholarship was established to honor the wishes of Mark Giannini, a dedicated 20-year veteran of the Springfield Fire Department who loved cooking for his family and friends. Upon retirement, Mark enrolled in the culinary arts program at HCC to explore his passion, and was inspired by the kindness and perseverance of his fellow classmates. Tragically, Mark lost his battle with cancer in 2022, but as part of his last wishes, he created this scholarship to support culinary arts students who exemplify the values of hard work and kindness.

Robert and Constance Gilbert Scholarship

This new scholarship for STEM students was generously created by former HCC Board of Trustees Chair Robert Gilbert and his wife Constance. Bob served as a member of the Holyoke Community College Board of Trustees for 12 years and as chair of the board from 2015 until his retirement in 2023. As board chair, he successfully led the college through the unprecedented years of the COVID-19 pandemic, and was its greatest champion as HCC celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2021. Bob’s commitment to HCC extended to all corners of campus as he addressed faculty and staff to begin the academic year, competed in the annual golf outing, actively participated in trainings and professional development, and proudly shook every graduate’s hand at commencement. Their scholarship will provide critical support for future STEM students at HCC.

Jessica Gill Memorial Scholarship Fund for Women Musicians

Established in the beloved memory of Jessica Gill, this music scholarship upholds her philanthropic legacy and love of music. Gill was an avid lifelong music student and performer, studying piano and harp from a young age and releasing her own harp and synthesizer album. Though Jessica never pursued music as a career, she remained dedicated to musical education and charity. This scholarship empowers women to follow their dreams in music, just as Jessica did.

Emma Hartley Cote ’18, CVT Memorial Scholarship

Created by Hannah Facey Belcher-Timme, DVM, this scholarship honors the memory of Emma Hartley Cote ’18, who was a veterinary technician at Belcher-Timme’s practice and tragically passed away in 2019. Emma was an exceptional technician who handled animals and clients with empathy, grace, and humor. Her ambition and compassion inspired all who knew her. This scholarship supports veterinary technician students who embody Emma’s outstanding qualities.

Ted and Barbara Hebert/Teddy Bear Pools Scholarship for Working Students

Established by Ted Hebert—who is a member of both the HCC Board of Trustees and the HCC Foundation Board of Directors—and his wife Barbara, this scholarship supports students who work to support themselves while studying at HCC. Motivated by a desire to expand opportunities for local students, they created this scholarship to honor students who exemplify the admirable ethic of working diligently towards education even amidst other responsibilities.

Jean Armitage Memorial Scholarship and Edward J. and Ruth Daly Family Scholarship

An anonymous donor wanted to establish two scholarships to honor the memory of Holyoke residents who had a significant impact on their community and never had a chance to attend college themselves. Jean Armitage graduated from Holyoke High School and was voted Most Likely to Succeed. She dreamed of going to college to become a math teacher but, as the eldest child, was expected to bring in income for the family. She worked at American Pad and Paper Company in downtown Holyoke until she retired. Ed and Ruth Daly could not afford to attend college so they worked to ensure their children would have that opportunity. Ed was a Holyoke firefighter and helped found the Holyoke Credit Union. The establishment of these two scholarships honors the memories of Ed, Ruth, and Jean and provides students with means to achieve their dreams.

Jennings V. Rud, Jr. & Tech Sgt. Patrick “Gunny” Rud Memorial Scholarship

Created in loving memory by Gayle Smith ‘74 to honor the memories of her brother, Jennings, and her nephew, Patrick. Patrick had a passion for culinary arts, and this scholarship will provide essential support for culinary students with financial need. By memorializing her brother and nephew, Gayle ensures their passions live on through the dreams of future culinary students.

Ann ’81 and Jim ’80 Shevlin Scholarship

Established by HCC alumni Ann and Jim, who fondly remember their childhood growing up in Holyoke. This scholarship supports Holyoke Public School graduates with financial need who aspire to careers in business or retail. Drawing from their own experiences, Ann and Jim seek to help local students access transformative educational opportunities